Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Dream

Hi! It feels so good to actually be blogging, on my VERY OWN SITE! :) This is for real and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. This started as a dream. One that I would think about often. I dreamt all the time that one day I would be privledged enough to share my dreams with all of you, and that dream is coming true. Now, I realize that "all of you" might just consist of two or three of my closest family and friends...for now. I have dreams...big dreams.

I thought I would share with you what I planned to do here, perhaps offer a little insight into what you might find when you check back, and I do hope you check back, often. It would make me giddy.

I daydream a lot. I believe that I was once told that when I became an adult that I would no longer have time for daydreaming. I believe that is complete bunk. I can't imagine life with no dreams. Good or bad, they make me who I am, and I plan to continue to believe that one day they might all come true.

This blog will be a collection of my daydreams. They may be about my business, my creations or my creating. You may see some about my home, my upcoming adventure in learning to live thrifty and to live by an...ugh...budget. There might even be a post or two about our recent decision to grow our family (nothing horrific...don't worry)...thus the budget and thrifty living. Lastly, you will probably see some posts about about my recent, full blown, head first journey into low carb living. I mean I have replaced white flour and white sugar with almond meal and splenda in my canisters. This is serious business. But more on that later.

Here is what you will not see here. You will not see amazing photography. I am not a photographer...yet. This does not mean I will not take up a new hobby at some point in my life, but for now, you are going to have to deal with my little camera and my iphone documentations (some of you just shuttered...I felt it...sorry). If you DO happen to see amazing photography, well, it is probably one of my three VERY tallented photographer friends; Didi from Natural Approach Photography, Jamie from Focal Point Photography, or my good friend Robin who does not give herself nearly enough credit for her amazing work.

I hope this gives you enough incentive to come and dream with me. If not, I will give you some visual stimulation. This is my new Teddy Bear Hat. I hope you enjoy it. If, by chance you dream about someone you love in this hat, let me know, it could come true. :)

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