Wednesday, July 7, 2010


To say it has been busy would be like saying...well, I don't know...but it would be a gross understatement. I have been running, flying, and most of all scrambling to get everything completed that needs to be done.
I owe so many thanks to the people in my life who have extended deadlines and have taken pressure off of my over stuffed plate. Slowly but surely I am picking through the "to do" list and am starting to feel more like myself again.
I have a couple more super hectic weekends and then it should be time to make a margarita and sit by the lake - who's with me? :)

This weekend I will be selling Daydream Believer excitement at the Arlington Street Fair. I really hope that some of you come up and see me. I have been making some fun new stuff that I would love for you to see and I would love to see your smiling faces.

I would also love to give a very special thank you to Wendi Hansen of Trendi Wendi Designs. She has organized this whole thing, waited patiently while it took me weeks to remember to pay her the money I owed her for this, and overall has done a fantastic job of helping me get my name out there through this venue.
If you don't know of Wendi or of Trendi Wendi, well, you should. Go stop by her blog at You will love her amazing items. I have two of her necklaces and a headband and they are fabulous. I wear them all the time! They go with SO much! She is creative and very talented. You will love what you see there, trust me.

If, by chance you don't trust me, see the pictures below... you trust me now?

Also making an appearance at the big ball of Arlington fun this weekend is my amazingly talented Sister in Law Jamie Smith of Focal Point Photography. Again, if you don't know her, you should and you should have her take pictures of your children - or you - or really, whatever. She is fun and down for anything...or...well...lets be reasonable...I don't know that she will be spelunking in canyons to get that perfect shot...but she might...she is that fun of a girl!!
However, you do not need to take my word for it. Stop by her blog at She is a rockstar and you should stop by and see why.

Well - I have 100 more things to accomplish today so the last thing I will give you is the fun dahlia headbands I have been making. The pictures do not do them justice...but perhaps it will give you enough incentive to stop by and see me at the Arlington Street Fair...early...because I only made 5 of them...just to see. :)


Jeanne said...

Not sure I will make it up there, but it sounds like fun. It's the big Cornucopia Days in Kent, don't ya know. Hard to miss those.... Perhaps it will be a day to just put the top down on the car and drive. We could end up there. Is Arlington a destination location, or a dropping off spot to your destination? Hhhmm.... 'tis a puzzlement. Oh well, have fun, and may it be ever-so-much better than Silvana!

Daydream Believer said...

Cornucopia Days?? That sounds promising. ;) Is it just an art type festival?
I think you should put the top down and drive until you end up with your smiling face at our booth in Arlington...however I don't know how anything could ever be better than Silvana. ;)

Jeanne said...

Hey now, Cornucopia Days is BIG stuff! =} It was originally called the festival of the valley, and celebrated the local farmers produce. Now, a bazillion years later..actually 76 I think, it includes a farmer's market; carnival rides; SCONE WAGON; fun run; bike rides; soccer tournament; dragon boat races, and one of the largest grand parades and street fairs in the state... and more. You can read about it at then you will understand why I might not be available to tear myself away to come to Arlington. I wish you and Wendi well though. Have fun.

Daydream Believer said...

I'm sorry...I sort of stopped reading at SCONE WAGON?!?!?! That is reason enough to stay there ALL DAY LONG!
I hope you have a blast!

ChandraM said...

Your stuff is so CUTE!!!

Daydream Believer said...

Thank you Chandra!! :)

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