Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grumpy Gus

Some mornings I wake up grumpy. I'm not talking about the kind of grumpy where you just don't feel like yourself, I am talking about the kind of grumpy where you slam doors, throw shoes, and gripe...a lot...about little things.

Yesterday morning I woke up GRUMPY. You might have thought (if you were standing out side our window listening to me...which I hope you were not...because even though I'm sure I love you to death that might just be a tad creepy) I had just received a phone call letting me know that they had officially taken away my birthday. But, rest assured, it was nothing that serious, I had just heard the weather forecast. For the next few days it is going to be almost 100 blasted degrees.

I do not like that news. At. All. I live in Washington for a very good reason. I do not like to feel like my insides are cooking like a scrambled egg. I hate it so much that last year I said that we would be buying an air conditioner in wait...yeah. Here we are in July and STILL no A/C. SO, you can bet your backside I was GRIPING at the TOP of my lungs that our house was going to be hot, we were going to be miserable and I was absolutely PISSED.

With a kiss good bye I griped myself right off to work.

Well...I received a text from my lovely husband (who I'm sure was absolutely over my poor attitude) a couple hours later with a picture of this beauty humming away in our bedroom window. :)(please forgive the picture...I'm working on using my real camera very soon...this one is another iphone beauty and my room is it is kind of sketchy)

I have absolutely NO reason to gripe any more. It was a delightful night under my down comforter. BRING IT SUMMER!!!

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