Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thinking Before I Speak

I'm a thinker, and definitely a thinker before I talk'r. I think, re-think, ponder and give it one last final draft before a word ever exits my mouth. My Grandpa taught me from a very young age that once words leave my mouth they can never be taken back. I can apologize, I can try and make it right, but they will always be out there. So, with that knowledge I learned to think, alot, before I speak. I carefully plan out each conversation knowing that hurt feelings and bruised hearts are something I never want to be the cause of. I don't always succeed, however, for the most part, I think.

Recently I was having a moment of self criticism for how slowly I am getting this business venture off the ground. I see a new crafty business take off running almost daily and I have been working on this one for almost a year and it is still far from "running". We are at a slow, gimpy walk at best (although after a meeting I had yesterday I am feeling less gimpy...but that is a talk for another post...just know that there are exciting things brewing and I could NOT be happier).

So, in the middle of my pity party my husband came to the rescue. He told me that he believes I am planning a business like I hold a conversation. I was a tad puzzled, and you might be as well, so let me explain. Every single part of this business has been painfully thought out. I think about it for hours, days even, before I make a move. The name was thrown around for months before I ever made it official; the blog was talked about for FOR-EVER before I finally got someone to design it; I still don't have an etsy shop because, although it is in the works, it is just not time yet. I am "thinking before I speak". Occasionally I get impatient with that, however as my husband graciously pointed out, I am pretty certain that, in the end, I will be happy that I did.

Pretty soon this slow gimpy walk will become a full blown sprint! I am 100% sure of it. I just need to think on a few more things.

Below is something I have been thinking on for a long time. Meet, Miss Teddy Bear Hat. How cute is she? Do you love her? I do. I can not wait to see her on a sweet little girl's head, keeping her super warm, adding to her cuteness (or her adding to it's cuteness as the case may be). If you happen to have said sweet little girl, lets meet, and we will make another dream come to fruition.

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Unknown said...

I wish I was better at thinking before I speak...oh yet another skill I need to master!

That said...I love seeing all of your crafty ventures, and cannot wait to see what God has in store for your business. Keep up the good work!!!


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